General Objective:


Develop systems and electronic devices of computation and national technology, filling up the requirementes of the sector conditions, in a way to fulfill the needs of the petrol, gas and energy industry, through a platform that integrates supervision DCS systems with techniques of virtual/mixed reality to application in monitoring and controlling operation and safety in FPSO platforms.


Specific Objectives:


- Build the state-of-art(?) in terms of advanced solutions DCS, envolving multi-technological paradigms of interativity like Augmented, Virtual and Dual Realities;

- Verify the actual scenario associated with the supervision and control of FPSO Plataforms of petrol to identify the level of practicality wanted and the applicability of the proposal;

- Develop a 3D representation module of blueprintf of Platforms capable of delivering structural information and location;

- Develop a visualization interface that allows the integration between the 3D visualizing technologies and supervising systems. As identified, by tag, of it's many elements, the system must allow the supervision and control, allowing the 3D representative visualization of each object in the blueprint in a way that, by accessing any tag, may be possible to identify it's 3D model in a virtual scenario and the other way around;

- Give the system navigating resources and interactivity capable of giving quality and usability to the system.