The Robot Soccer project is an iniciative of the Automation and Intelligent Robotics Group (NAUTEC) from FURG. Inicially developing a team of mobile autonomous robots, participating of the Robocup Championship in the Small Size category.

The projects, that exists since 2001, counts with the participation of many students from the Computation(?) Engineering under coordenation of Prof. Dr. Silvia Botelho. The team has been victorious six times, being the name of Rio Grande do Sul published on the national media, as the center of high technology development.


The Robot Soccer:

The Robot Soccer is and excellent way to test and develop techniques of many areas of the engineering and computer science, being able to quote, but not restricted to those, knowledge in mobile robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence. Inside this project, is the search for efficient, optimized and precise solutions for application in real time and in a dynamic environment.

The practical test of all development surrounding the robot soccer is done through the competitions, like the RoboCup Championships. The RoboCup is an intregated project with international reaching, that has as main objective the development of a team of humanoid robotos completely autonomous, able to win a game against human opponents. RoboCup organizes many competitions, both local and international.




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Small-Size Category:

  • 4th place, I IEEE Latin American Students Robotics Contest (2003)

  • 1st place, I RoboCup Brazil (2004)

  • 1st place, I Robot Soccer Contest - FURG x UFRGS (2004);

  • 2nd place, II IEEE Latin American Students Robotics Contest (2004)

  • 1st place, II RoboCup Brazil (2005)

  • 2nd place, III IEEE Latin American Students Robotics Contest (2005)

  • 1st place, III RoboCup Brazil (2006)

  • 1st place, IV RoboCup Brazil (2007)

  • 9th place, RoboCup Atlanta (2007)

  • 1st place, V RoboCup Brazil (2008)

  • 1st place, VII IEEE Latin American Students Robotics Contest (2008)

  • 1st place, VI RoboCup Brazil (2009)

  • 3rd place, IX IEEE Latin American Student Robotics Contest (2010)

  • 2nd place, VII RoboCup Brasil (2010)

  • 3rd place, CBR (2011)

  • 3rd place, LARC (2012)

  • 2nd place, CBR (2013)


Mixed-Reality Category (Nautec doesn't join the competition anymore).

  • 2nd place, IV Robocup Brasil (2007)

  • 2nd place, V Robocup Brasil (2008)



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