Description: The project consists in modelling and analising the tridimensional shapes, inicially considering the problem related to rigid objects, and later with deformable objects. We’re looking to give progress to the state of art that normally treats this problem directly with bidimensional data. The use of probabillistic techniques and computer vision, looks forward to give more flexibility to the methods in a way to permit that they can detect changes in many situations, such as vigilance cameras, computational tomographies, laser scan. We pretend to develop metodologies that permit the achievment of generic methods that deal with situations, considering, beyond other things, the incertain behind the change process.


Involved: Graduation: (1) / Doctorship: (1).



Sidnei Carlos da Silva Filho - Bolsista de Iniciação Científica  /  Paulo Jorge Lilles Drews Jr. e Silvia Silva da Costa Botelho - Coordenadores.